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NNKC – Dutch Professional Cheese Connoisseur Contest

The Dutch Professional Cheese Connoisseur Contest is unique in the world. A well-established yearly event since 1960! From a regional event for cheese traders, it grew into the largest cheese spectacle in the Netherlands (and unique in the world of its kind) with the best professional cheese connoisseurs in the country.

The NNKC is unique because not the cheese itself is being examined. The professionals in the cheese industry, trade, retail, specialty stores and research institutes look, smell, feel and taste a specially selected range of Dutch cheeses.

During the contest, the participants are presented with ten cheese drills (samples). Those who are the best in distinguishing the type, age, taste and quality will receive prizes. They are the best connoisseur amongst the 500-600 participants. A must for anyone who is professionally involved in Dutch cheese and a pleasure to participate in.

Participating in this contest keeps skills and craftsmanship sharp and helps to maintain and develop the rich and versatile palette of Dutch cheeses. After all, it’s the people who make the high quality Dutch cheese!

The Dutch cheese sector is at an unprecedented high level, partly thanks to this contest.

The overall winner wins the ‘Gouden Kaasboor’ (a mayoral chain with a golden Cheese tester) for a year. The chain wears the names of all the previous winners. Also there are golden, silver and bronze medals to win, certificates and counter cards that state that the winner is an excellent cheese connoisseur.


Take a look at the photos and video on www.nnkc.nl under ‘Terugblik’ to discover the uniqueness of the Dutch Cheese Craftsmanship Contest. And read our glossy magazine Kaas (Cheese) on the homepage. For more info e-mail us: info@nnkc.nl.


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